AI creates stunning 3D facial animation for in-game dialogue

AI 3D face animation
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NVIDIA built an interesting AI algorithm capable of creating 3D face animation using audio input. The tool can accurately mimic facial muscle movements as well as render emotion.

This new machine learning technique relies on deep neural network to map audio input and latent code to disambiguates the variations in facial expression in order to identify emotion. As NVIDIA explains, the latent code is used as an intuitive control for the emotional state of the speaker.

AI 3D face animation — the training method

To achieve this high level of accuracy, NVIDIA captured the facial expressions of actors using nine synchronized video cameras. The AI algorithm analyzes the captures, identifies patterns and then reconstructs the facial expressions.

The system requires only five minutes of training data in order to generate the facial animation needed for an entire game.

For more information, check out the video below:

Better facial animation for in-game dialogue

As you can see in the face animation sample listed above, this new AI algorithm will help game developers to add better facial animation for in-game dialogue. In this manner, video games will become more realistic. Moreover, this algorithm will help game developers create high-quality facial animation much faster than today.

In other words, with the help of this tool, game developers will add more supporting game characters and produce games in multiple languages much easier.

Making video games is a time-consuming and very expensive business. NVIDIA’s new AI tool will reduce both variables and this will translate into more affordable video games.

We’re sure that this impressive AI-powered 3D animation tool will also boost VR games. Imagine being able to play Gears of War 7 VR and walk alongside a super realistic J.D Fenix. How cool is that?

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