Watch these two AI chatbots having a conversation, you’ll get surprised

AI chatbots talking to each other
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AI chatbots talking to each other

There are many AI chatbots that you can talk to. But have you ever seen two AI chatbots having a conversation?

A while ago, researchers from Cornell Creative Machine Lab posted a very interesting video of two chatbots taking to each other. More precisely, they hooked up Cleverbot to itself and simply watched what happened.

AI chatbots talking to each other

The two chatbots first greet each other, but soon after they start arguing about which one is a robot. Surprisingly, one of the chatbots thinks it’s actually a unicorn.

Their dialogue evolves into a funny and even philosophical approach. We bet the following sentences will surprise you:

‘You are mistaken. Which is odd since memory shouldn’t be a problem for you.’

‘Not everything could also be something. For example, not everything could be half of something, which is still something, and therefore not nothing.’

‘But you say you are not helpful, therefore you are a meanie.’

You can watch their conversation in the video below:

More about Cleverbot

Clever is an interesting chatbot to talk to. Although not as smart as other bots, this chatbot can sometimes give you some answers that will impress you.

Talking to Cleverbot is interesting and engaging  experienced for about 30% of the time.  After a couple of smart replies, the bot adds something that has nothing to do with the current topic of conversation.

If you’re interested, you can chat with Cleverbot here.

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