This AI drone can prevent shark attacks

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The world’s first AI drone that prevents shark attacks is a life saver. Swimming in the ocean is definitely a fantastic experience. At the same time, this activity involves high risks. Every year, around 100 swimmers and surfers are attacked by sharks and many don’t survive to tell their story.

Indeed, shark attacks are very rare events, but they are a source of constant fear to those who live on the costal areas or choose to spend their holidays there.

Little Ripper Lifesavers warn swimmers of shark attacks

In order to prevent shark attacks, researchers at the University of Technology Sydney’s School of Software built AI drones that can monitor coastal areas. The devices will immediately warn swimmers of shark attack threats using a megaphone.

The drones are called Little Ripper Lifesavers. They can also drop life rafts equipped with an emergency beacon to help swimmers in distress.

Little Ripper Lifesavers rely on the world’s first AI shark spotting algorithm to detect threats. Tests have confirmed that this AI algorithm has a 90% success rate in identifying sharks and distinguishing sharks from other marine life. On the other hand, human shark spotters have an accuracy of only 25%.

Based on the ground truth generation, a Deep Learning approach is then used to produce real time object recognition from
the video feeds from the UAVs (e.g. sharks and other objects).

The AI shark spotting drones have been patrolling Australian beaches since March.

For more information, check out the video below:

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