AI can identify and classify foods allowing you to tailor food choices

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Intel revealed that developers are testing how Artificial Intelligence can identify and classify foods. In this manner, people will be able to make tailored food selections.

Intel’s AI food recognition algorithm

The new algorithm can tell you whether there’s any meat in your dish, which is a very useful feature that vegetarians will appreciate. Also, if you’re allergic to certain foods, this AI algorithm can be very helpful.

Most likely, the algorithm will be integrated into a smartphone app. For the time being, no further details are available as to how exactly it will function. Users could simply take a photo of the respective food and the app will then analyze it in order to identify the exact ingredients. Perhaps, no photo is needed and users will simply turn their smartphone camera on, point it towards their dish and then wait for the AI algorithm to do its magic.

This is not Intel’s first dive into the kitchen, so to speak. On the company’s DevMesh page, there’s an interesting app called AI Calorie Counter that does just that. The app relies on machine learning to detect the amount of calories in your food. If you’re using a food log, the app can then subtract that amount from your log.

In this manner, you no longer need to manually add your food in the food log. Just turn on your smartphone’s camera, hold a food item in front of it, and the app will do the rest.

It will be interesting to see if Intel integrates a calorie count module into the new AI food recognition algorithm that its developers are currently testing.

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