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AI smart refrigerator


Imagine the following scenario: you are at the supermarket but you can’t remember how many bottles of milk you have left in the fridge. You take out your phone and ask your fridge whether the milk supply would last until next week or not. The answer is positive so you don’t buy any more milk. Mission accomplished for your AI powered smart fridge.

If you think this is a sci-fi scenario, think again. We’re pretty sure that the smart fridge era is near. Actually, it already started.

AI refrigerators

AI-powered refrigerators do exist and they’re pretty impressive. They have yet to enter our houses on a large scale but this will definitely happen in a few years time. As a matter of fact, we dare say that AI fridges will become mainstream in about 5 years’ time.

To give you an idea of what an AI fridge can do, we’ll quickly list the smart fridge models currently available on the market.

Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 smart fridge powered by Bixby

Bixby is Samsung’s digital assistant — the equivalent of Microsoft’s Cortana or Apple’s Siri. Judging by the current trend, the company definitely wants to extend Bixby’s use to all its products.  As a quick reminder, Bixby already powers Samsung’s smartphones and fridges.

Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 fridge is an innovative smart home appliance. You can use it to control other smart appliances, including your washing machine and air conditioner.

Bixby allows you to search for yummy recipes, check the weather forecast, listen to music and more. It also lets the fridge control temperature automatically in order to create a perfect food storage environment. Moreover, it will also suggest various recipes based on your eating habits or recommend music tracks. In other words, its deep learning module will profile you and then suggest various things that you may like.

Other interesting features about Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 fridge include:

  • You can create shopping lists, order groceries and see inside your refrigerator.
  • You can integrate family members’ schedules, share photos and send messages from your refrigerator to your family’s phones.
  • Stream your favorite music or mirror your Samsung TV right on your refrigerator.

Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 fridge is not a cheap appliance. Prices range from $2,999.00 to $4,299.00.

For more information about the Family Hub 2.0 fridge, go to Samsung’s official webpage.

LG Smart InstaView puts Alexa in the fridge

LG AI fridge

LG also built a very interesting AI fridge. The Smart InstaView refrigerator is powered by the company’s own webOS and relies on Amazon’s Alexa to connected to the Internet. Just like Samsung’s smart fridge, it can search for recipes, set kitchen timers, play music, check the weather forecast, and more.

As you might have guessed, it can also place Amazon Prime orders and add items to your shopping list. You can also add stickers and tags to the fridge screen in order to keep better track of the foods stored, as well the expiration dates. The refrigerator can issue reminders when foods near expiration.

You can also use LG Smart InstaView as a family organizer. Family members can create to-do lists or add virtual post-its so that nothing gets forgotten.

Moreover, the inner 2.0 MP panoramic wide angle camera allows you to remotely check what’s in the fridge using your smartphone.

By working with Amazon, we are able to broaden our smart refrigerator’s capabilities and further provide our customers with a pleasurable cooking and dining experience

For more information about LG’s Smart InstaView AI fridge, you can check out the company’s official website.

AI fridges in the future

AI refrigerators will only get smarter in the future. They’ll be able to automatically create shopping lists and order your groceries online. Of course, they’ll also handle payments.

After you’ve seen what today’s AI fridges can do, are you planning to replace your good ol’ fridge with a smart fridge when prices drop? Let us know in the comments below.

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I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI research has yielded significant advancements in recent years and this is only the beginning.

Join me as I track the latest progress in AI research.
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I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI research has yielded significant advancements in recent years and this is only the beginning. Join me as I track the latest progress in AI research.