AI gets low maths grades in Chinese university entrance exam


Imagine the following situation: at an university entrance exam, people compete against AI robots. Who will get the highest grades? Most people would incline to think that AI-powered machines would simply smash humans at maths. After all, Google’s AlphaGo recently defeated the best Go players in the world.

Well, future maths students will breath a sigh of relief when learning that AI cannot score higher than humans when it comes to maths…yet. An AI machine recently took the maths exam section of China’s annual university entrance exam. The machine passed the exam, but with a below average grade.

The AI-MATHS machine completed two versions of the test. It finished the first version of the 2-hour test in 22 minutes, scoring 105 out of 150. The computer then finished the second test in only 10 minutes, scoring 100 out of 150. On the other hand, students scored an average of 109.

Of course, the difference between AI-MATHS’ results and the average student score is not that big. However, many people somehow expected the machine to perform a lot better than humans.

AI-MATHS was created in 2014 by a Chinese company using the technology developed at Tsinghua University. The machine relies on big data, artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies.

This maths entrance exam was actually both a test and a learning opportunity for the machine. The aim was to train the machine to learn how humans reason and deal with numbers. Its creators are convinced that the machine will improve its logical reasoning and score over 130 next year.

What do you think about this goal? Do you think that AI-MATHS can get a good maths grade next year?

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