This music track and video art were entirely created using AI

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Artificial intelligence algorithms are predominantly used in technology. Their mathematical structure molds perfectly on machines. But AI can also create impressive pieces of art, including music tracks and videos.

Have you heard Taryn Southern’s new single Break Free? If you haven’t already, please play the YouTube video below to listen to this track. Continue reading this article only after you have watched the video. Trust us, we’ll tell you why we’re asking you to do this later on.

Did you know that this song, as well as the music video were created entirely using Artificial Intelligence? Yes, AI can create amazing pieces of art and this song is the perfect proof.

AI can create music

Taryn Southern is planning to use AI to create an entire album, called I AM AI. The “Break Free” single is only one of the songs that the artist composed using AI algorithms.

Southern used three different AI programs to create the music and video for the song. More precisely, music was composed by Amper AI , still image art was generated by Most Famous Artist, while video AI art was created by Deep Dream Generator.

The music creation process using AI involves a series of steps and adjustments: the artist gives Amper AI the necessary input that includes instrumentation, genre, key information, etc. The AI platform generates a song and the artist can then adjust the instrument sounds and the other elements that define the song.

AI music platforms are excellent for artists who work on a tight budget and can’t afford to hire a human collaborator. Working with AI to compose music is also liberating as you don’t really need solid knowledge of instrumentation to write a catchy song. Introvert artists can also take advantage of these AI music tools as they no longer need to find alignment with collaborators and music producers.

Now, the next step is to build an autonomous AI music platform capable of replacing humans entirely in the music creation process. What do you think about this idea?

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