Forget about Windows, Android or iOS: AI will be the next major OS

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AI in the future


AI has the potential to become the next major operating system, says Andy Rubin, the man who created Android. Rubin is already at the cutting edge of AI research, building new AI-powered products.

Welcome to the AI era

The world’s tech giants are racing one against the other in the AI race. Microsoft, Google, Baidu and others make constant progress in AI research, reaching new milestones that will push AI advancement further. Taking this into account, it’s clear that the future technological advancements are all going to be AI driven.

As a matter of fact, AI could become the dominant operating system in the coming years, as Rubin suggests:

Operating systems happen in cycles, and they cycle about every 12 years. MS DOS was one of the first operating systems for personal computers in the late ’70s. Then Macintosh and Windows in the early ’80s. Then in the ’90s there was the internet. After that there was mobile. And each one gets bigger and bigger and bigger and feeds after each other. So what is the next major operating system? What is the next platform? And how do we position ourselves so we’re planting the seeds today?

As a quick reminder, Baidu has already developed its own AI operating system called DuerOS to power the company’s self-driving cars.

How fast should AI develop in order to power the hardware of the future? That is a very tough question, but we dare say it’s going to happen during our lifetime.

Moore’s law says that the overall processing power of computers doubles every two years. This law originates from the ’70s and still applies to this day. We believe that in 50 years’ time, perhaps even earlier, we will have developed powerful enough hardware and AI algorithms to create a universal AI OS.

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