This AI robot can draw your portrait in a jiffy

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Today, we continue our AI Art series with another amazing AI algorithm. There is an AI robot out there that can accurately draw your portrait using an original drawing style.

Patrick Tresset is a London based artist who builds robots that behave like artists. His computational systems add an artistic and expressive touch to robots’ behavior. As any AI systems, these robots analyze human behavior in order to detect patterns and learn from it. Tresset’s  autonomous robots are able to produce a series of drawings, paintings and animations.

Let AI draw your portrait

Tresset’s AI painter learnt how to make marks and integrate them into the bigger picture after having analyzed thousands of art works. More specifically, Tresset trained a neural network, called Pix2Pix to analyze and learn to replicate his portraits as he drew them in real time. In other words, when he added the eyes, the AI robot drew various lines trying to replicate the human features from Tresset’s sketch.

The drawings created by the AI do have a series of common traits, and it appears that the system developed its own style. They are somehow misty, hazy, similar to children’s drawings. They also carry a creepy, horror touch. Psychiatrists would definitely raise an eyebrow if these drawings were drawn by humans.

This impressive out-of-the-box use for neural networks confirms once again that these algorithms can be used universally. They can power various tools, such as computer vision, self-driving cars, machine translation systems, and more.

At the same time, neural networks also have an artistic side, so to speak. Artists can use them as the backbone for drawing tools, AI music creation tools, and other AI-powered art tools.

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