Top 5 AI recruiting software to hire the best candidates

AI recruitment tools allow you to quickly identify and select the best job candidates. This branch of AI is relatively new, but there are already many AI recruiting software available on the market.

AI HR assistants are very useful, allowing companies to speed up the recruitment process and cut recruitment costs. Nowadays, almost 75% of all job applications are unqualified. Of course, recruiters have to scan all these applications in order to identify the suitable candidates. However, filtering unqualified resumes equals to wasted time for companies.

If you’re looking for a reliable AI recruitment software, check out the list below. In this article, we’re going to list the best AI-powered tools that you can use to select the best candidates.

Use AI to automate the hiring process

Ideal AI recruiting software

AI recruiting software

Ideal automates time-consuming tasks, such as filtering job applications. It quickly scans and ranks resumes, allowing recruiters to focus on high-value tasks.

This tool eliminates bad recruiting decisions, making sure that only the best candidates reach the next recruitment stage based on objective criteria.

Ideal is an AI-powered software that uses deep learning to identify your company’s recruitment needs and standards. Once it connects to your application tracking system, it analyzes your past hiring decisions in order to identify hiring patterns. This means that the tool gets smarter over time, improving its accuracy with every resume it analyzes.

Key features include:

  • Resume screening: Screen candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy.
  • Candidate sourcing: Bring in top talent from the external candidate pools you already use.
  • Candidate rediscovery: AI scours your existing applicant pool for top candidates.
  • ATS integration:  Ideal works like a real human assistant, right inside your existing ATS/CRM. There are no new logins or interfaces to learn.

For more information about Ideal, check out the video below:

To request a demo, go to Ideal’s official webpage.

Arya AI recruiting software

AI recruiting software

Arya is the world’s first AI recruiting platform. The tool uses a series of AI specific algorithms, including machine learning, big data, and behavioral pattern recognition to identify the best candidates. It learns from successes and failures and makes data-driven predictions.

Arya is an interactive AI recruitment tool. It sends personalized messages to candidates in order to measure their interest level. Moreover, it also delivers thorough profiles of candidates’ and employees’ behaviors and routines, allowing you to better know your collaborators.

There is no need to worry about compatibility issues with your current ATS, as the software seamlessly integrates with all application tracking systems.

Arya takes care of all the time consuming recruitment processes, allowing your recruiters to focus on what truly matters to candidates and your company — and that is connection. With the help of this AI HR tool, you can invest only in the candidates who are perfect for the job and increase quality-of-hire.

By analyzing resumes, profiles, and information on the web, data uncovers candidates’ stories — creating an understanding of their background to their tenure at different jobs to the growth in the companies they have worked for.

Key features include:

  • Mover Predictor: Arya identifies candidates who are ready to make a career change by measuring their likeliness to move jobs. Three levels of mover probability are available: low, medium, and high. Obviously, you have higher chances of recruiting candidates with a high mover profile.
  • Automated A.I. sourcing: Arya does the sourcing for you populating your pipeline with the top talent candidates.
  • Additonal modules: The social media module analyzes millions of social profiles across the open web to identify the best candidates.

Meet Arya in the video below:

Interested in seeing Arya in action? You can request a demo here.

Mya AI recruiting software

Mya is a complete AI recruiting software. It automates your entire hiring process, from resume screening to interviewing candidates. The tool selects the best candidates with high accuracy, making sure that you get the right people on board.

Mya creates thorough candidate profiles within your ATS, allowing your HR team to make quicker decisions. This AI recruiting software allows you to improve your company’s image. Candidate satisfaction surveys revealed that Mya received an average 9.8 out of 10 score on overall candidate experience.

Mya’s key features include:

  • The software understands natural speech and responds with intent.
  • It uses Natural Language Understanding to pick up on details that pop up in the conversation.
    The NLP module relies on deep learning, multiple Intent classifier, named entity extraction and sentence semantic analysis. All these tools allow Mya to extract meaning information from the candidates’ answers.
  • Mya uses Dialog Management to lead the conversation.

  • The tool uses Natural Language Generation algorithms to sound human.

Mya’s results are impressive. Companies reported a 70% decrease in the time to hire when a recruiter works with Mya and 80% of candidates re-engage with Mya in app or over SMS.

Interested in trying out Mya? You can request a demo here.

ARI AI recruiting software

Ari is a customizable AI recruiting chatbot that you can use to engage your candidates in two-way text message conversation. This AI recruiting tool allows you to accelerate your time-to-hire.

Interestingly enough, ARI is powered by IBM’s Watson. As a quick reminder, Watson was the first AI-powered system to prove that machines can beat humans in certain fields. Watson defeated the world’s best Jeopardy players in 2011, confirming the huge potential of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, IBM used Watson’s architecture to develop a bevy of AI-powered tools, including Ari.

Ari makes recruiting simple. You can customize it with your branding, tone and messaging style. You can use Ari for a variety of taks, such as: sending job openings, schedule interviews, profile your candidates, and more.

This AI recruiting software fully integrates with all major ATS to further simply the hiring process.

To request a demo, go to ARI’s official website.

RAI, your personal AI recruiting assistant

RAI is a powerful experimental AI interface that plays the role of your personal AI recruiting assistant. You can use this tool to find the right candidates for a job, and contact them via messages.

Here’s how RAI works: first, it will ask you what’s the title of the job that you’re trying to fill. The AI recruiting software will then list the available candidates and will ask you more questions to filter the results. Once you’ve identified the best candidates, you can use RAI to contact them.

It is worth mentioning that RAI is a global tool, allowing you to find candidates in any location and search in any language.

As stated above, RAI is work in progress. The tool is not as complex as the other AI recruiting software listed in this article, but the first results are promising. If you haven’t used an AI recruiting tool before, RAI is a pretty good place to start. You’ll quickly learn to take advantage of its chatbot-like interface.

Anyone can get early access to RAI and test the free experimental version of the tool. To do that, go to Hiring Solved’s website and get on the list.


AI recruiting tools are revolutionizing the HR industry. They allow companies to speed up the recruiting process and hire the best candidates.

All the tools listed above will help your HR team to identify and hire the right candidates in no time. If you’re looking for a simple AI recruiting software and you’re also willing to experiment a bit, try RAI.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a powerful and complex tool to use for several recruiting tasks, then select Ideal, Arya or Mya. If you prefer an AI recruiting chatbot, go for Ari.

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I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI research has yielded significant advancements in recent years and this is only the beginning.

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I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI research has yielded significant advancements in recent years and this is only the beginning. Join me as I track the latest progress in AI research.