AI will replace 6% of US jobs by 2021, report suggests

AI in the future

According to a report from market research company Forrester, AI will replace 6% of US jobs by 2021, triggering a huge unemployment crisis.

Will AI take our jobs?

The AI agents will particularly affect many positions in transportation, logistics and customer service. Although AI bots aren’t powerful enough right now to replace humans, recent progress in AI research indicates that in just a few years’ time, AI agents will indeed be able to understand a person’s behavior, and interpret their needs. At the same time, researchers are convinced that AI will soon be able to predict human behavior and needs, and make decisions on our behalf.

Today’s digital assistants are already capable of providing customized assistance based on the profile they build about users. As a quick reminder, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa can access your calendar, emails, browsing history, playlists, and more in order to predict your future actions and behavior.

For example, Cortana can now prompt you to create a reminder when she notices event posters in your camera roll. Microsoft’s assistant can also read your emails and create reminders based on the information she finds.

With this type of knowledge, AI agents can provide highly customized customer assistance, which is essential for e-commerce companies. Taking into account the progress rate in AI research, in just a few years’ time, call center staff will be replaced by AI agents.

In the transportation industry, companies such as Uber and Tesla are already testing driverless cars, obtaining impressive results.

AI job displacement will cause social issues

AI agents will also cause many social problems, as people will find it more and more difficult to find work. Higher rates of unemployment will likely cause higher crime, drug use, depression, and self destructive behavior.

The future is arriving quickly and the best manner to prepare to cope with this wind of change is to develop strong technical skills. At the same time, it’s extremely important to keep an open mind and constantly adapt to the reality of the work market.

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