AI will power future iPhone models


Apple is not exactly a leader in AI research. The Cupertino giant still has a lot of work to do in order to catch up with other tech giants that detected the huge potential of AI algorithms a little earlier.

At its annual developer conference, Apple confirmed that developers would have more leverage to use AI in their own iOS apps.

Welcome to the AI iOS era

Core ML is Apple’s newest set of machine learning models and application protocol interfaces that allow devs to create new AI-powered apps. Thanks to these tools, AI developers will be able to incorporate image recognition into their photo apps, create chatbot apps powered by natural language processing algorithms, and more.

The best news is that Core ML runz locally on users’ devices. In other words, your data stays private.

Developers can also converts certain deep neural networks into Core ML now. Apple now supports a series of an open-source software for building and training neural networks. However, Google’s TensorFlow is not supported yet.

AI-powered iPhones

AI algorithms now play a more important role in the iOS. More specifically, complex machine-learning algorithms analyze your every action and try to predict your next move.

Perhaps the most visible change is in Siri’s voice. Your personal assistant’s voice is now generated and controller by AI. Thanks to the recently added inflections, Siri’s voice will sound more natural, closer to a real human voice.

And this is not all: Siri will try to predict your future actions, as well as answers. For example, if somebody sends you a text message asking you where you are, Siri will suggest you to use the current location. Also, Siri can extract information from your text messages and use it to prefill your calendar.

Many iPhone users aren’t really satisfied with battery life. Thanks to the new AI algorithms, the iOS now detects which apps really need to consume power and which don’t. In this manner, your device will use power in a more efficient manner.

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