AI smart refrigerator
AI in real life

AI refrigerators: Here’s where we are right now

  Imagine the following scenario: you are at the supermarket but you can’t remember how many bottles of milk you have left in the fridge. You take out your phone and ask your fridge whether the milk supply would last until next week or not. The answer is positive so …

AI gaming
AI research

AI creates video game after watching gamers play

  In a previous article, we argued that AI would trigger huge job losses in many domains, making it more difficult for people to find work. One of the respective domains could be the video game industry. Researchers recently challenged AI to learn how video games work. AI systems are …

LOLA AI learning
AI research

OpenAI creates new AI algorithm that shapes the learning of other AI agents

  Folks, today is a great day in the history of AI development. OpenAI built a state-of-the art AI algorithm that guides the learning of other AI agents. In other words, AI just gained more learning autonomy. If we were to use a single word to describe this achievement, that …

intel myriad X VPU AI
AI research

Intel’s Myriad X VPU allows AI to X-ray the world and human emotion in real time

  Intel is working at full speed to win the AI race. The company recently introduced a new AI-powered chip, called Myriad X. All signs indicate that this brand-new chip will revolutionize AI progress, opening the door to new possibilities. The Intel Myriad X is the company’s first VPU powered …

google AI street view
AI in real life

Google indexes the real world using AI-powered Street View cameras

  Google has taken its Street View Project to the next level. The company decided to upgrade its mapping vehicles with brand-new AI-powered camera systems in order to capture better images, sharper details and more vibrant colors. Google Maps AI cameras will improve search engine results The implementation of AI …

AI portrait
AI in real life

This AI robot can draw your portrait in a jiffy

  Today, we continue our AI Art series with another amazing AI algorithm. There is an AI robot out there that can accurately draw your portrait using an original drawing style. Patrick Tresset is a London based artist who builds robots that behave like artists. His computational systems add an …

AI drone Little Ripper Lifesavers
AI in real life

This AI drone can prevent shark attacks

  The world’s first AI drone that prevents shark attacks is a life saver. Swimming in the ocean is definitely a fantastic experience. At the same time, this activity involves high risks. Every year, around 100 swimmers and surfers are attacked by sharks and many don’t survive to tell their …

AI music
AI in real life

This music track and video art were entirely created using AI

Artificial intelligence algorithms are predominantly used in technology. Their mathematical structure molds perfectly on machines. But AI can also create impressive pieces of art, including music tracks and videos. Have you heard Taryn Southern’s new single Break Free? If you haven’t already, please play the YouTube video below to listen to …

alexa cortana
AI in real life

Alexa and Cortana now work together

  Amazon and Microsoft decided to bury the hatchet. The two companies confirmed they’re working together to help Alexa and Cortana get along. In other words, the two AI-powered personal assistants will call upon each other and collaborate in order to perform various tasks for users. This excellent piece of …

AI operating system
AI in the future

Forget about Windows, Android or iOS: AI will be the next major OS

  AI has the potential to become the next major operating system, says Andy Rubin, the man who created Android. Rubin is already at the cutting edge of AI research, building new AI-powered products. Welcome to the AI era The world’s tech giants are racing one against the other in …