Braina is your AI personal assistant: Here’s what it can do for you

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If you’re looking for an AI personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks, we have a suggestion for you. Meet Braina, your intelligent personal assistant that allows you to interact with your Windows computer and Android phones using voice commands in English.

Mores specificially, Braina is a human language interface, automation and voice recognition software. It main role is to help you with your daily tasks, acting as a productivity software.

Braina features

You can interact with Braina by either typing commands or speaking to it. Thanks to the dedicated speech recognition built-in tool, Braina for Android allows you to interact with your computer from anywhere in your house using a Wi-Fi connection.

Here’s what Braina can do for you:

  • Take a dictation: Braina converts your voice into text on any website and software, and it supports 40 different languages
  • Search information on the Internet
  • Provide you with the latest news, and time and weather information for any city of the world.
  • Play your favorite songs: You can use voice commands to ask Braina to search for songs and videos both on your local drives and online platforms, including SoundClound, YouTube etc. The tool also allows you to control media playback and volume using voice commands only.
  • Open or search files on your computer
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Do mathematical calculations: Arithmetics, Trigonometry, Powers & Roots, Percentage, Set Theory, and more hold no secrets for Braina.
  • Automate various computer tasks
  • Read ebooks, emails, webpage content, etc. You can even select different voices and adjust the reading speed.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus: Braina can also help you find the right definitions, antonyms, and synonyms of any word.

If you want to have a laugh, Braina can help you out. The assistant will always cheer you up with the funniest jokes you’ve ever heard.

If you don’t like Braina’s name, you can change it. Give it any name you like.

Interested in Braina? You can download Braina for free from BrainaSoft’s official website. If you’re looking for a more powerful AI personal assistant, you can purchase the Pro versions of the tool for a price tag ranging from $29 for 6 months to $79 for three years.

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