smartest AI
AI research

Are you curious to see who’s the smartest AI in the world?

  The AI world is dominated by fierce competition. Well-known tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and other are working at full speed to push AI research forward and innovate the field. The question is: who’s the smartest AI in the world? This is a very difficult question …

google assistant natural sound voice
AI research

Google Assistant’s voice is now more realistic thanks to WaveNet

Getting speech synthesis algorithms to sound natural is a hard nut to crack. AI researchers have been struggling to make digital assistants sound more natural for years, and the results are indeed impressive. However, there’s still something that doesn’t sound right and users can always tell if they’re talking to …

penny AI predict wealth
AI research

AI predicts how wealthy your neighborhood will be

  Penny is an artificial intelligence system that relies on satellite imagery to predict income levels in your neighborhood. If you want to know whether the area you want to move in has the potential to support economic growth or not, this tool may come in handy. You can play around …

AI media content delivery
AI research

AI shows you the right video content when you’re most likely to watch it

  Did you know that the average Internet user spends over 20 minutes searching for video content to watch every day? Internet users love video content because it’s engaging and interesting. We bet you’d rather watch a video about Vilynx, an AI system that delivers the right video content, than …

Neuromorphic AI Chipse
AI research

Intel’s new AI chip mimics how the brain functions

  Intel knows the future because it’s building it. The company just introduced the world’s first self-learning neuromorphic CPU that mimics how the brain functions. Intel Loihi is a very powerful test chipset that will support the AI algorithms of tomorrow. It learns to operate based on various modes of feedback from …

microsoft AI research
AI research

Microsoft bets its future on AI: over 8000 AI researchers back the effort

  When it comes to AI research, Microsoft means business. The company formed its AI Research Group one year ago, and already employs over 8000 researchers. AI is Microsoft’s fourth engineering division and the one that saw the fastest growth. The tech giant’s ambitious goal is to democratize AI and …

funny artificial intelligence jokes
AI research

Artificial Intelligence could one day learn to tell jokes

Teaching AI to tell jokes is one of the hardest challenges in AI research. Humor is a very difficult skill to acquire for humans, let alone AI systems. AI algorithms are very good at detecting patterns and performing predictable actions. However, when it comes to mimicking human thinking and behavior, …

AI food recognition
AI research

AI can identify and classify foods allowing you to tailor food choices

  Intel revealed that developers are testing how Artificial Intelligence can identify and classify foods. In this manner, people will be able to make tailored food selections. Intel’s AI food recognition algorithm The new algorithm can tell you whether there’s any meat in your dish, which is a very useful …

AI chatbots talking to each other
AI research

Watch these two AI chatbots having a conversation, you’ll get surprised

There are many AI chatbots that you can talk to. But have you ever seen two AI chatbots having a conversation? A while ago, researchers from Cornell Creative Machine Lab posted a very interesting video of two chatbots taking to each other. More precisely, they hooked up Cleverbot to itself …

AI 3D face animation
AI research

AI creates stunning 3D facial animation for in-game dialogue

NVIDIA built an interesting AI algorithm capable of creating 3D face animation using audio input. The tool can accurately mimic facial muscle movements as well as render emotion. This new machine learning technique relies on deep neural network to map audio input and latent code to disambiguates the variations in …