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AI creates video game after watching gamers play

  In a previous article, we argued that AI would trigger huge job losses in many domains, making it more difficult for people to find work. One of the respective domains could be the video game industry. Researchers recently challenged AI to learn how video games work. AI systems are …

LOLA AI learning
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OpenAI creates new AI algorithm that shapes the learning of other AI agents

  Folks, today is a great day in the history of AI development. OpenAI built a state-of-the art AI algorithm that guides the learning of other AI agents. In other words, AI just gained more learning autonomy. If we were to use a single word to describe this achievement, that …

intel myriad X VPU AI
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Intel’s Myriad X VPU allows AI to X-ray the world and human emotion in real time

  Intel is working at full speed to win the AI race. The company recently introduced a new AI-powered chip, called Myriad X. All signs indicate that this brand-new chip will revolutionize AI progress, opening the door to new possibilities. The Intel Myriad X is the company’s first VPU powered …

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AI speech recognition software reaches level of parity with human transcribers

Microsoft recently reached a new milestone in speech recognition: its system achieved a 5.1% error rate. In other words, this new technology recognizes words in a conversation as well as professional human transcribers. Reaching human parity has been a research goal for the last 25 years. This great achievement comes …

real time AI learning
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Real-time AI learning is coming, Microsoft’s Project Brainwave leads the way

Real-time AI systems are platforms capable of processing requests as fast as they receive them. Implicitly, this means that the respective AI systems should be able to learn in real-time. However, we’re still a long way from reaching this ambitious goal. Remember that line from Star Trek: “Space – the …

relational reasoning AI
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AI starts to reason like humans

AI is extremely good at identifying and using patterns. However, when it comes to relational reasoning, artificial intelligence systems badly fail at it. Relational reasoning is an essential part of higher thought and logic. It allows humans to make connections and compare places, sequences, entities and other variables. Researchers at Google’s …

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Reduce video buffering with this new AI system

Video buffering often turns streaming content online into a nightmare. We’ve all experienced this: you may have the fastest Internet connection and the most powerful hardware, yet sometimes streaming won’t work. Fortunately, MIT researchers recently came up with a brilliant solution to reduce video buffering using artificial intelligence algorithms. Pensieve …

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AI can remove watermark from photos in no time

Photographers use watermarks to protect copyrighted images. Researchers at Google recently created an AI algorithm that can remove watermark from photos in no time. Google decided to disclose this vulnerability in order to help photographers and stock image communities to better protect copyrighted images. Image watermarking issues The watermarking methods …

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Facebook didn’t shut down its AI program after bots invented their own language

Facebook recently made a major breakthrough, teaching its AI bots how to negociate. This research also revealed a series of interesting information, including the fact that the bots sometimes lied to influence the answer of the other negotiating party. The experiment also revealed that the bots invented their own language. …

AI defeats Dota 2 players
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AI destroys the best Dota 2 players in the world

AI bots are better at gaming than the best humans players. At Valve’s yearly Dota 2 tournament, a bot from Elon Musk’s startup OpenAI managed to destroy the best Dota2 players in the world. Surprisingly, OpenAI engineers said that the learning process was a steep one. The AI agents learnt to …