true emoji AI emotion app
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True Emoji is an AI app that uses your expressions to create animated emojis

True Emoji is a very interesting AI-powered app available on the App Store for iOS devices. This app can read your expressions and use them to generate custom animated characters also known as Emotion Interchange Formats or simply EIFs. In other words, as its name suggests, True Emoji translates your real emotions …

penny AI predict wealth
AI research

AI predicts how wealthy your neighborhood will be

  Penny is an artificial intelligence system that relies on satellite imagery to predict income levels in your neighborhood. If you want to know whether the area you want to move in has the potential to support economic growth or not, this tool may come in handy. You can play around …

AI media content delivery
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AI shows you the right video content when you’re most likely to watch it

  Did you know that the average Internet user spends over 20 minutes searching for video content to watch every day? Internet users love video content because it’s engaging and interesting. We bet you’d rather watch a video about Vilynx, an AI system that delivers the right video content, than …

AI in real life

Noom is an AI app that helps you lose weight for good

Did  you know that Artificial Intelligence can help you lose weight? Well, if you’re trying to lose weight in a healthy manner, we’ve got a suggestion for you: use the Noom app. This AI weight loss app helps you burn that fat in no time This app relies on AI …

AI in real life

Top 5 AI recruiting software to hire the best candidates

AI recruitment tools allow you to quickly identify and select the best job candidates. This branch of AI is relatively new, but there are already many AI recruiting software available on the market. AI HR assistants are very useful, allowing companies to speed up the recruitment process and cut recruitment …

AI recruiting assistant
AI in real life

Ideal is an AI recruiter that selects and hires the best job candidates

AI recruiting tools are revolutionizing the HR industry. Finding and selecting the right candidates for a particular job is a very difficult and complex task. HR recruiters usually spend thousands of hours screening resumes, sending emails and interviewing candidates in order to select the right candidates for the job. Recruiting …

AI research

Replika is an AI chatbot that you can use to create your own virtual clone

Replika is an impressive AI chatbot that you can teach to become you. As you talk to it, the system learns to talk like you and even mimic your personality. Some of you may find this a little bit creepy. However, we tested the tool and we guarantee you that …

AI Software

Braina is your AI personal assistant: Here’s what it can do for you

If you’re looking for an AI personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks, we have a suggestion for you. Meet Braina, your intelligent personal assistant that allows you to interact with your Windows computer and Android phones using voice commands in English. Mores specificially, Braina is a human …