DuerOS is a new AI OS that could help Baidu take the lead in AI research


Baidu recently introduced its new AI operating system called DuerOS. This powerful OS allows users to interact and control their smart devices using only their voice. Yes, it appears that peripherals will soon be a thing of the past, as human-machine interaction is heading towards a hands-free experience.

If you want to see DuerOS in action, buy HTC’s latest smartphone, the HTC U11. This phone is one of the first devices to be powered by DuerOS.

Baidu is very serious about improving DuerOS. The Chinese tech giant already bought a Seattle-based AI startup to improve DuerOS’ natural language processing capabilities.

DuerOS could help Baidu beat the other AI tech companies

As a quick reminder, Baidu is the main search engine in China and has access to more than one billion gadgets. These devices feed the company with an enormous amount of data for its AI to use for training purposes. Moreover, Baidu is already negotiating with top hardware manufactures to incorporate DuerOS into their devices. As a result, the number of devices powered by this new AI OS could double in the coming years.

More users, means more data. Baidu’s AI OS can then use these huge piles of data to extract valuable information and become smarter. This major advantage could help Chinese companies overcome Google’s in AI research.

However, one question remains: could DuerOS ever penetrate the English speaking market? It’s very difficult to answer this question right now. Google and Microsoft are the main players when it comes to AI research. The AI systems that these two companies built are already powering millions of devices.

If Baidu wants to conquer the English speaking AI market it needs to step up its game and reach major breakthrough before Google or Microsoft do.

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