Google starts a new AI investment platform


Recent rumors suggest that Google launched a new AI investment platform. This is actually the first time that the tech giant has created a special investment platform dedicated to a particular type of technology.

The recent success of the AlphaGo AI computer may have contributed to this decision. As a quick reminder, Google’s AlphaGo defeated the world’s best Go players at this year’s “Future of Go Summit”.

Google has yet to officially confirm this piece of news, but Axios says that they learnt this from multiple sources.

Google has serious plans about AI

Surprisingly, it appears that the new AI investment platform will be led by engineers, rather than by investors.

The group of engineers involved in this program will reportedly be led by Anna Patterson, a brilliant Google engineer specialized in AI. Although not much information is available about the rest of the group, Google will definitely gather the best minds in the field to achieve the best possible results.

But what is the exact purpose of this program? Google’s AI specialists will play the role of mentors for the AI startups interested in the program. At the same time, the company is expected to provide startups with incubation space and services, as well.

This will be a win-win situation where Google puts in the knowledge, experience and resources and startups come up with new ideas.

These rumors about Google’s dedicated AI investment platform landed shortly after Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s statement at the Google I/O 2017 event. Pichai confirmed that there will be a major shift in Google’s tech strategy “from a mobile first world to an AI first world”.

Moreover, the majority of the announcements made at the event touched on AI.

All in all, we’re sure that the rumors about Google’s AI investment platform hold a grain of truth and we expect the tech giant to officially confirm this information by the end of the year.

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