Google’s AlphaGo AI computer smashes the best Go players in the world


Can a computer defeat a human being at the ancient game of Go? Google recently answered this question and the answer might surprise you.

At the “Future of Go summit”, the best Go players in the world faced Google’s AlphaGo AI computer. The results speak for themselves: AlphaGo won every time.

Google’s AlphaGo AI computer is the new Go world champion

Here is the complete game schedule:

  • Tuesday May, 23
    Ke Jie vs. AlphaGo
    AlphaGo won by half a point after 289 moves.
  • Thursday May, 25
    Ke Jie vs. AlphaGo
    AlphaGo won by resignation after 156 moves.
  • Friday May, 26
    5 players combine tactics and take on AlphaGo together. AlphaGo won by resignation.
  • Saturday May, 27
    Ke Jie vs. AlphaGo
    AlphaGo won by resignation after 209 moves.

Why are these results so impressive?

The game of Go is extremely complex having an incomputable number of moves. Unlike chess, where players heavily rely on tactics, Go forces players to resort to their intuition as well. The fact that a computer unequivocally won all the games against its human opponents proves that AI research has reached a huge milestone. In others words, computers have developed human-like thinking and learning patterns.

Here’s how Google describes this experience:

We have always believed in the potential for AI to help society discover new knowledge and benefit from it, and AlphaGo has given us an early glimpse that this may indeed be possible. More than a competitor, AlphaGo has been a tool to inspire Go players to try new strategies and uncover new ideas in this 3,000 year-old game.

This achievement confirms that Google’s AI research is on the right path. AlphaGo is stepping back from competitive play, but the company won’t stop here, as it’s planning to use this experience in other domains.

The research team behind AlphaGo will now use AlphaGo’s scheleton to build advanced general algorithms that could one day tackle some of our society’s most complex problems.

If AI systems prove they are able to unearth significant new knowledge and strategies in these domains too, the breakthroughs could be truly remarkable. We can’t t wait to see what comes next.

Google will use the data collected during the these Go matches to develop a new teaching tool. The tool will dissect AlphaGo’s analysis of Go positions, in order to understand how the program actually thinks.

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