AI boosts Harley-Davidson sales by 2,930%

AI in real life

AI researchers and tech companies have barely begun understanding what this technology can do to help people solve complex real life problems.

The good news is that researchers make important breakthroughs in the AI field each and every day. This means that it is only a matter of time until AI becomes more visible in people’s everyday life.

Speaking of which, one of the first domains that integrated AI algorithms into their architecture is marketing. Thanks to the experience gained in this field, AI can help companies boost their sales and gain more revenue.

If you raised an eyebrow when reading this, we’ve got some facts for you. Harley-Davidson managed to increase sales by 2,930% in New York, Harvard Business Review reports. Yes, you read that right, 2,930%.

Meet Albert, the first Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform

The secret behind Harley-Davidson’s sales boost is Albert. This AI marketing platform was developed by Adgorithms and incorporates predictive analytics, machine-learning, control systems and feedback, natural language processing, and other proprietary algorithms. The tool already proved its efficiency, and the results speak for themselves:

  • 30x increase in leads
  • 50% lift in ROI
  • 600% increase in conversions
  • 80% decrease in ECPA
  • 183% increase in customer transactions

As any AI-powered tool, Albert becomes more intelligent and makes better decisions with every task it performs.

Here’s what Albert did for Harley-Davidson

Albert boosted qualified leads from one per day to 40. By the third month, Albert had increased dealership’s leads 2,930%, forcing Harley-Davidson for build a new call-center in order to accommodate the leads that the tool generated.

Here’s how Asaf Jacobi, President of Harley-Davidson of New York City describes the results:

For there to be a technology that knows nothing about us, yet can come and outdo us in its first shot was incredible we have since increased our commitment to Albert by tenfold and are currently building a call center to accommodate the leads he’s generating for us.

Albert managed to boost Harley-Davidson’s sales because it quickly identified what was working and what wasn’t. The tool created a database of the actions likely to trigger a purchase, and changed the company’s website UI accordingly when potential buyers viewed the items.

For more information about Albert and how this AI marketing platform works, you can check out Adgorithms’ official website.

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