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AI recruiting tools are revolutionizing the HR industry. Finding and selecting the right candidates for a particular job is a very difficult and complex task. HR recruiters usually spend thousands of hours screening resumes, sending emails and interviewing candidates in order to select the right candidates for the job.

Recruiting the best candidates is a time consuming and nerve-wracking task. Despite your HR department’s best efforts, sometimes the recruitment process fails and the selected candidates prove to be anything but perfect.

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations and speed up the recruitment process, we recommend that you use a dedicated AI-powered recruiting assistant.

Meet Ideal, your AI recruiting software

AI recruiter

Ideal adds a layer of Artificial Intelligence to your recruiting process. This AI software automates time-consuming tasks, filtering job applications. It quickly scans resumes and candidate sourcing, improving recruiter efficiency. In this manner, you recruiters have more time to focus on high-value tasks.

Ideal significantly reduces the long wait times for candidates, improving your company’s image. The AI recruiting assistant identify the best qualified candidates, allowing you to quickly bring them on board.

To err is human – we all know what these words of wisdom mean. Recruiters are humans and they are prone to conscious and unconscious hiring bias. Ideal completely eliminates bad recruiting decisions, making sure that the selected candidates reach the next recruitment stage because they deserve to.

 How Ideal works

Just like any AI-powered software, Ideal uses deep learning to identify your company’s recruitment needs. This AI recruiting tool connects to your application tracking system and analyzes your past hiring decisions to identify hiring patterns.

Ideal gets smarter over time and its accuracy improves with every hire, interview and dismissal that it processes.

For more information on how Ideal can help you hire the best candidates, check out the video below:

Do you want to see Ideal in action? You can request a demo here.

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