Intel’s new AI chip mimics how the brain functions

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Intel knows the future because it’s building it. The company just introduced the world’s firstĀ self-learning neuromorphic CPU thatĀ mimics how the brain functions.

Intel Loihi is a very powerful test chipset that will support the AI algorithms of tomorrow. It learns to operate based on various modes of feedback from the environment. In other words, it uses the data to learn and make inferences, getting smarter over time. The most important part is that it does not need to be trained in the traditional way.

Meet the artificial brain of the future

Conventional AI training models involve using extensive training datasets to recognize objects and events. However, these AI systems can operate in specific situations and do not generalize well.

On the other hand, Loihi has an unlimited potential. For the first time in AI history, chipsets are flexible and can adapt to the environment. This means that Loihi-powered AI devices could be personalized for any user and situation.

The Intel Loihi test chip offers highly flexible on-chip learning and combines training and inference on a single chip. This allows machines to be autonomous and to adapt in real time instead of waiting for the next update from the cloud. Researchers have demonstrated learning at a rate that is a 1 million times improvement compared with other typical spiking neural nets as measured by total operations to achieve a given accuracy when solving MNIST digit recognition problems. Compared to technologies such as convolutional neural networks and deep learning neural networks, the Intel Loihi test chip uses many fewer resources on the same task.

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