Microsoft bets its future on AI: over 8000 AI researchers back the effort

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When it comes to AI research, Microsoft means business. The company formed its AI Research Group one year ago, and already employs over 8000 researchers.

AI is Microsoft’s fourth engineering division and the one that saw the fastest growth. The tech giant’s ambitious goal is to democratize AI and make it available to any person or company. If Microsoft succeeds in reaching this goal, it will fundamentally change human-machine interaction.

It’s not just about celebrating new technology, it’s about the human ingenuity and human passion being brought together with amazing new technology to go and tackle some of the fundamental challenges of humanity.
Today, we are only scratching the surface of what AI can help us accomplish. Ultimately, we believe humans and machines will work together to solve society’s greatest challenges, to create magical experiences and change the world.

There’s intense competition in AI research

The world’s largest tech companies are now competing in artificial intelligence research. Google seems to currently lead the way, while other companies such as Amazon, Apple, Intel, Nvidia and many other AI start-ups constantly step up their game.

Microsoft wants to show everybody that it’s not falling behind in artificial intelligence. However, its competitors are also moving aggressively. For example, Google has already created AI agents that can image and plan, just like humans. Moreover, the company is also planning to index the real world using AI-powered Street view cameras.

The data that the search engine giant will collect in this manner, will give it a huge boost compared to its AI competitors. We’re sure that Microsoft is preparing a major movement of similar proportions.

The tech giant already announced that it’s building the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer and making it available to anyone, via the cloud.

In a previous article, we speculated that AI would become a universal operating system, powering absolutely all the electronic devices in the world. Who knows, may that’s Microsoft next move.

What do you think about this hypothesis? Let us know in the comments below.

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