Here’s what Samsung’s Bixby can do for you

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Samsung’s AI-powered virtual assistant Bixby allows users to interact with their phones in a new manner. Bixby’s role is to help you with you daily tasks, and make sure that at the end of the day you’ve checked everything off the list.

Bixby is an intelligent interface, it can learn, evolve and adapt to your needs. You can interact with it through touch, type or voice.

Here’s how Bixby helps you get things done

  • Bixby can send texts, change your settings, or make calls. All you need to do is hold down the Bixby button and speak. Although at the beginning, Samsung’s assistant may have difficulties in understanding what you’re saying, it will eventually adapt to you. Speak naturally and Bixby will better understand nearly everything you say.
  • Bixby can identify landmarks, translate foreign languages or shop for products online. All you need to do is focus on an object in your viewfinder and tap the Bixby eye icon to let the assistant track your eye movement.
  • Bixby can anticipate what you might need, surfacing specific apps and content depending on your location and the time of the day. In the evening, the assistant might display the alarm and step count.

  • Bixby helps you remember anything. The assistant scans your to-do list or specific reminders to make sure that you don’t forget anything. Bixby can also keep track of content, allowing you to continue reading an article from where you left.

Samsung entered the world of AI virtual assistants only recently. For the time being, Bixby recognizes voice command only in English (US) and Korean. Unfortunately, the assistant doesn’t recognize all accents, dialects or expressions yet.

Interested to see Bixby in action? Check out the video below:

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