Google and Blizzard launch a new AI research platform for RTS games

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AI managed to defeat the best Dota 2 players in the world in 1-vs-1 matches at Valve’s recent tournament. It appears that artificial intelligence is going to play an important role in real-time strategy games in the future, as two tech giants shook hands and launched a new AI research platform for RTS games.

Google’s DeepMind AI research company and Blizzard recently released the StarCraft II API. Researchers, gamers, and hobbyists can now use this platform as a tool to contribute to AI research advancement. Blizzard explains that  this API also features a sandbox for the community to experiment with, using both learning based AI and scripted AI to build new tools for the game.

The StarCraft II AI research platform

The SC2LE includes the following tools:

  • A Machine Learning API developed by Blizzard that gives researchers and developers hooks into the game. This includes the release of tools for Linux for the first time.

  • A dataset of anonymised game replays, which will increase from 65k to more than half a million in the coming weeks.

  • An open source version of DeepMind’s toolset, PySC2, to allow researchers to easily use Blizzard’s feature-layer API with their agents.

  • A series of simple RL mini-games to allow researchers to test the performance of agents on specific tasks.

  • A joint paper that outlines the environment, and reports initial baseline results on the mini-games, supervised learning from replays, and the full 1v1 ladder game against the built-in AI.

StarCraft II and AI

StarCraft 2 is a complex multi-layered game and this makes it an ideal environment for AI research. The main objective of the game is to defeat your opponent. There are also many sub-goals that players must balance. To make things even more difficult, actions do not pay for a long-time and the map is only partially visible. This means that AI agents must imagine and plan ahead. Of course, this won’t be too difficult a task for Google’s AI agents, as the company already built AI bot that can imagine and predict the consequences of their actions.

StarCraft II also has a large pool of avid players that can provide AI bots with a large quantity of replay data to learn from.

Who knows, maybe next year we’ll hear about Google’s AI agents defeating the best StarCraft II players in the world.

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