google assistant natural sound voice
AI research

Google Assistant’s voice is now more realistic thanks to WaveNet

Getting speech synthesis algorithms to sound natural is a hard nut to crack. AI researchers have been struggling to make digital assistants sound more natural for years, and the results are indeed impressive. However, there’s still something that doesn’t sound right and users can always tell if they’re talking to …

google AI street view
AI in real life

Google indexes the real world using AI-powered Street View cameras

  Google has taken its Street View Project to the next level. The company decided to upgrade its mapping vehicles with brand-new AI-powered camera systems in order to capture better images, sharper details and more vibrant colors. Google Maps AI cameras will improve search engine results The implementation of AI …

AI research

AI can remove watermark from photos in no time

Photographers use watermarks to protect copyrighted images. Researchers at Google recently created an AI algorithm that can remove watermark from photos in no time. Google decided to disclose this vulnerability in order to help photographers and stock image communities to better protect copyrighted images. Image watermarking issues The watermarking methods …


Google is the most active AI startup acquirer in the world

AI is the future of technology and Google is aware of that. As a result, the company is racing against other tech giants to acquire Artificial Intelligence startups. Google, Intel, Apple and other tech corporations are all in a rush to grab high-potential AI startups. The trend began back in …


Google’s AlphaGo AI computer smashes the best Go players in the world

Can a computer defeat a human being at the ancient game of Go? Google recently answered this question and the answer might surprise you. At the “Future of Go summit”, the best Go players in the world faced Google’s AlphaGo AI computer. The results speak for themselves: AlphaGo won every …


Google starts a new AI investment platform

Recent rumors suggest that Google launched a new AI investment platform. This is actually the first time that the tech giant has created a special investment platform dedicated to a particular type of technology. The recent success of the AlphaGo AI computer may have contributed to this decision. As a …