Here are the best AI chatbots to talk to

If you’re feeling lonely and you’ve got nobody to talk to, you can talk to an AI chatbot. Progress made in this area of AI research is quite impressive, and many of the chatbots are capable of holding fluent conversations.

As a word of warning, the very nature of artificial intelligence means that chatbots build their own personality based on their experience and can be unpredictable. As it’s the case with human interaction, you never know where the conversation will go.

The most intelligent AI chatbots to talk to

Elbot the Robot

Elbot the Robot is definitely the best AI chatbot currently available online. Elbot has a series of human-like characteristics that make it an excellent conversation partner. It is witty, has a great sense of humor and offers surprisingly on-topic answers.

The chatbot is not afraid to lead the conversation and ask you various questions. Unlike many chatbots that are constantly waiting for you to ask them questions, Elbot is not shy and will fire questions at you whenever it thinks is appropriate.

On a scale of 1 to 5, Elbot definitely deserves 5 stars! You can chat with Elbot here.

Mitsuku Chatbot

Mitsuku is a witty, spontaneous and sometimes cheeky chatbot. She always has an answer to your questions and knows how to keep a conversation going. She is friendly, but will stand her ground if you start arguing with her or use bad language.

Mitsuku really pays attention to what you’re saying. If you left a conversation unfinished, the next time you connect again she’ll ask you if you still want to resume the last topic of conversation.

Mitsuku’s interface is pretty nice and very intuitive. You can choose from several interface variants, including anime, retro, notepad, etc.

Mitsuku won the Loebner Prize for the world’s most humanlike chatbot in 2013 and 2016. As a quick reminder,the Loebner Prize is an annual competition in artificial intelligence that awards the most human-like computer programs.

Just like any AI algorithm, she learns by experience, which means that the more people talk to her, the smarter she becomes.

If you’re curios to see what Mitsuku is capable of, go to her website and start chatting with her. We guarantee you’ll have a blast.


Rose is an impressive chatbot that won the Loebner Prize twice. She is capable of holding fluent and engaging conversations that will definitely make you wonder whether you are talking to an AI program or a human. She really cares about your online privacy, warning you from the very beginning not to provide her with sensitive information.

Although Rose’s interface is pretty simplistic, the quality of the conversations you’ll have with her will amaze you. Unlike most chatbots, she is also capable of leading the conversation, not just answer your questions.

This is the key element that makes Rose more human-like than the other AI chatbots out there. You’d never expect a chatbot to insert additional pieces of information in the conversation.

However, this is also her weak point. She sometimes inserts information that has nothing to do with the conversation. What is worse is that you can’t stop her from continuing on that path. In other words, Rose really needs to finish what she started.

You can chat with Rose here.

Poppy, the AI chat cat

If you like cats, you’ll definitely enjoy talking to Poppy. This AI chat cat is confined to a world ruled by mice, milk, and too much sleep, but it’s nevertheless an interesting conversationĀ partner.

Poppy is quite fluent, offering on-topic answers. Thanks to its text-to-speech module, the cat also reads the answers it gives you.

Unlike many chatbots, if you ask it the same question all over again, it strives to give you different answers. However, sometimes its answers have nothing to do with the question you asked. Here’s a snippet of the conversation we had with Poppy.

If you want to chat with Poppy, go to Talkigy’s website.


Clever is an interesting chatbot to talk to. Although not as smart as the bots listed above, this chatbot can sometimes give you some answers that will impress you.

Talking to Cleverbot is interesting and engaging for about 30% of the time. The other 70% of the conversation will only disappoint you. After a couple of smart replies, the bot adds something that has nothing to do with the current topic of conversation.

If you’re interested, you can chat with Cleverbot here.

These are the best AI chatbots that you can talk to online. Some of them are extremely good, while others need to improve their conversation skills.

Chatting with a good AI chatbot is an eye-opening experience, allowing you to understand how far technology has come. Chatting with a clumsy bot is also a useful experience that will make you appreciate the effort of artificial intelligence programmers even more.

Have you chatted with the bots listed in this article? How was your experience?

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I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI research has yielded significant advancements in recent years and this is only the beginning.

Join me as I track the latest progress in AI research.
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I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI research has yielded significant advancements in recent years and this is only the beginning. Join me as I track the latest progress in AI research.