True Emoji is an AI app that uses your expressions to create animated emojis

true emoji AI emotion app
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True Emoji is a very interesting AI-powered app available on the App Store for iOS devices. This app can read your expressions and use them to generate custom animated characters also known as Emotion Interchange Formats or simply EIFs.

In other words, as its name suggests, True Emoji translates your real emotions into personalized animated emoticons.

A new emoji era begins

Emojis help users convey more information about their feelings and opinions, adding additional information to the table. However, not much has changed about their design in recent years.

True Emoji brings a breath of fresh air, taking emojis to the next level.

The expressions currently supported by the app are the following:

  • Smile
  • Smirk
  • Pout
  • Tongue Out
  • Straight Face
  • Sad Face
  • Eyes open
  • Eyes Closed
  • Furrowed eyebrows
  • Eye Squint
  • Head up
  • Head Down
  • Head Right
  • Head Left
  • Tongue Out
  • Nose Wrinkle
  • Head Nod
  • Head Shake

Introducing Sawaals

true emoji

True Emoji also brings another interesting feature to the table, namely Sawaals. These are interactive questions that you can send to your friends as text. In return, they have to either nod in yes or no to reply to your question. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

The app also supports a series of question sets to help you send your questions faster.

Emotions and Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence emotion

Using machines to translate, process or express human emotions is one of the most difficult tasks in Artificial Intelligence.

Emotion-capable machines are friendlier, which helps people accept them into their lives. Many specialists suggest that emotional intelligence is the future of artificial intelligence.

We are barely scratching the surface when it comes to teaching machines to recognize and mimic emotion, so there’s still along road ahead.

Get True Emoji

You can download and install True Emoji from the App Store.

For more information check out True Emoji’s iTunes page and the app’s official webpage.

The  SDK user True Emoji is developed by Affectiva, a leading company in AI emotion research which ggrew out of MIT’s Media Lab.

The company develops algorithms to help computers to recognize human emotions based on facial cues or physiological responses.

You can read more about Affectiva’s research work on the company’s official website.


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