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Did you know that the average Internet user spends over 20 minutes searching for video content to watch every day?

Internet users love video content because it’s engaging and interesting. We bet you’d rather watch a video about Vilynx, an AI system that delivers the right video content, than read about it — but please bear with us.

If you want your readers to engage more frequently and intensely on your website, this tool may help you.

The right video content targeted at the right users

There is a huge amount of data available on the Internet. When the paradox of choice kicks in, users are having a very difficult time choosing what content to watch. The challenge is to deliver the right video content when viewers wants it.

Vilynx has the perfect recipe to deliver the right video content to the right viewers. This AI algorithm quickly matches the right content to the viewer when they are most likely to watch it.

The system analyzes the current social media trending topics in order to understand what content viewers want to watch. Once it identifies what your interest are, Vilynx provides an automatically generated five-second clip, leading to increased video click-through rates for content publishers. And the best news is that you can do that with only one line of code.

Another way they help their customers achieve that is by leveraging evergreen content that can remain relevant outside of specific moments – such as a three-minute clip from an hour-long documentary. Easily consumable video assets can be created from the full-length documentary and delivered to potential viewers using the same technology to provide more opportunities for exposure over a longer period of time.

Ifyou want to read more about Vilynx, go to the tool’s official website.

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