AI will bring more pain than happiness, says Jack Ma

AI in the future

People are very optimistic about the role that AI technologies will play in the future. Most people are convinced that AI will make our lives easier, and will actually mark a new era in history— the AI era.

On the other hand, more and more voices are warning about the dangers of AI and the social conflicts that it may trigger. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba is one of these voice, warning that AI will bring more pain than happiness.

How AI will shape society

Speaking at an entrepreneurship conference in China, Jack Ma warned us all about the future social conflicts that AI and other technologies will cause. Automation and the Internet economy will eliminate many jobs, forcing an aging workforce to fight for fewer jobs. He warned that in about 30 years’ time, humans would literally be competing with AI for jobs.

Machines should only do what humans cannot. Only in this way can we have the opportunities to keep machines as working partners with humans, rather than as replacements. […] Thirty years later, the Time magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot.

Ma is not the only one to have issued such warnings. There is a plethora of research done about the impact of AI technologies in everyday life, and most of the researchers agree that automation will eliminate many jobs in the future.

It appears that the job displacement will start with truck and taxi drivers. Self-driving cars  are becoming more and more reliable, and tech companies are already investing billions of dollars into this field.

So what can we do to make this transition smoother? Ma believes that the secret lies in adaptation. As jobs change, evolve and disappear, we should constantly strive to adapt our skills to the reality of the work market.

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